Bubblegum Princess

Illustrated by Lori Hanson

About the Book

A modern day fairytale inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

Young lady Katy delights in blowing bubblegum bubbles, a decidedly unladylike habit. Despite opposition, she teaches the kingdom to love bubblegum bubbles as much as she does. Katy, a lively, intelligent, and strong ­willed heroine, embarks on an adventure filled with royals, the queen’s favorite dogs –­­ corgis — and tons of bubblegum fun!

A disclaimer worthy of note: Neither HRH Queen Elizabeth II, her corgis, nor any individual associated with the British Royal Family has authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved of this thoroughly, totally, utterly, and quite unequivocally unauthorized book!


Surprises abound and social conventions turn upside down in debut author Gribble’s wacky, lighthearted riff on the fairy-tale tradition…the silly, upbeat plot twists make this a delightful book to read aloud to wannabe princesses and royal enthusiasts alike. A zany, comedic fairy tale with a contemporary twist.

-Kirkus Reviews

It’s a charming, pink-drenched book based on a real-life, gum-chewing incident in Kate Middleton’s life, reinterpreted for this special occasion. Kate’s gum-chewing leads to true love with Prince Will.

-LA Times

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