Children’s Book Academy Highlights KidLit TV’s Facebook Group

Children’s books brings families, kids and teachers together; however, the life of a kid lit author can be solitary. Professionals with office jobs can pop over to a colleague’s desk to ask questions and network regularly, in real time, but where do full-time or budding writers go to find those who are following the same path? Many authors attend intensive workshops and conferences where they can interact with their peers for days or weeks at a time, but what happens when farewells are said?
Thanks to Facebook Groups, children’s book authors are finding a way to interact with each other in an environment specifically geared towards their needs. Children’s Book Academy highlighted KidLit TV’s Facebook group as one authors should join. KidLit TV’s Facebook group is open to all children’s literature authors, no matter their experience, style or genre. In less than two months the group has amassed more than 400 members and its ranks grow daily.

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